the meat lives on in our hearts

Dear friends,

When we started meatspace, we were simply two long distance friends who wanted to make sense of the chaos of the web (which, way back in 2018, mostly involved live-streaming zuckerberg’s congressional hearings and gasping at the scourge of owl-eating cats on google’s campus. Planking we think was still a thing. Were we ever so young!) 

And in the throes of it, Sarah’s friend Sarah taught her the meaning of the word meatspace which we will remind u means: the opposite of cyberspace. Where the meat lives. IRL. Thus our newsletter was wrought!

But now it is nearly 2020, big tech is bracing itself for a break-up (maybe); tech founders are more like bankers than rock stars; Rudy Giuliani wrote a letter in comic sans; Wework closed its Weschool; and alas this is our final issue of Meatspace.

Tho we have loved birthing meatspace for u together every week-ish for more than a year, Lora and Sarah must now go pursue other projects both in the realm of the Web and IRL! Follow us on twitter @sarahsholder and @loracorkelley to stay abreast!

But meatspace fans… plz do not fret. Sarah will be starting a new newsletter! About for lack of a better word wack tech news without the copious usage of the pronoun “we.” :( and without the moniker of “meatspace.” She’ll be taking a couple weeks off to agonize over whether to change her Twitter name to something spooky, and also read bad blood finally. Then she will return with a new newsletter product for u. WATCH THIS [formerly known as meat] SPACE!!

Thank u to you, our loyal amazing readers, and everyone who shared meatspace, talked with us for a morsel, or alerted us to something delicious!! We are so grateful!

*raises white claw can in celebration of the mems* 

Love always,

Sarah and Lora

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